Novel Character Art

In the spring and summer of 2017, new artwork was commissioned with Faebelina.  Her talent is remarkable.  As well, the process was a lot of fun.  She was asked to read the entire first novel (ultimately becoming one of the beta readers) and then draw out the characters as they were described in the text.  It was fun to see how close she got to the artwork we would all recognize.  After editing of various details, you can see what we came up with below.

This new artwork fits with the theme of this project as a fresh launch for the Chrono story.  It's a step away from the anime style of the original character art, with the goal of showing us characters that feel a little more like real people.  That said, I feel a few disclaimers are in order.  Nothing here is final.  I'm not implying that any artwork will be included with the published novel.  This is no statement whatsoever against the original artwork.  This is simply extra content which fits with the theme and spirit of this project.  It's something new and fresh and fun, which fits with the spirit of the CTNP.

I hope you enjoy this new concept artwork, and please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think!