New to Chrono Trigger

In 1995, the world was wowed by a brand-new role-playing game (RPG) that was captivating gamers everywhere.  This game was none other than Chrono Trigger, a title that has withstood the passing of time and remains to this day one of the most popular RPGs in history.

Originally, the game was released for the Super Famicon in Japan and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in America.  In 1999, it made a comeback as a title on the Sony PlayStation (PSX), which included new animated videos strewn throughout the game-play.  In late 2008, the game was rereleased yet again on the Nintendo DS with even more features, including retranslated text, new dungeons, more map screen options, and a special monster-battling arena mode.  Even more recently, the game has been released for play on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices.   In 1999, a successor was released for the PlayStation called Chrono Cross.

However, here at the CTNP, it’s the story of the Chrono series that we’re concerned with, wherein lies the true heart and spirit of this classic saga.

A far-off promise...of purpose beyond time

It’s a bright, perfect day in Guardia Kingdom, the first day of the millennium, A.G. 1000.  Young Crono, a teenager from Truce Village, sets off for an exciting day at the Millennial Fair.  His inventress friend, Lucca is debuting the invention of the century—her Telepod machine, capable of teleporting any person from one pod to the next.  Along the way, he bumps into a girl, Marle, who would forever change his destiny.  While trying the Telepod, Marle is whisked away into a time portal, and Crono pursues her into their kingdom’s past.

And thus begins a time-traveling adventure which finds our heroes traversing across the distant past, present, and future of their kingdom.  Along the way, they learn of a great danger within their planet which promises to destroy the world they love, and they are faced with the choice of risking their own peaceful lives for the future of their world.

Qualities of the Story

  • Elements of fantasy, such as a unique purpose for magic and the ability to use it
  • Action and adventure; swords and guns; robots and soldiers; monsters and dinosaurs
  • A modern banished race of Mystics and a prehistoric race of Reptites
  • Time travel, carefully structured and presented as a necessary aspect of the story’s progression
  • Relationships cultivated through the bonds of friendship, with a touch of romance
  • Characters that themselves experience personal struggles and growth while realizing true purpose
  • Underlying theme that everything occurring is unfolding for a reason
  • Intermixed aspects of advanced technology, medieval civilization, scientific erudition, and antediluvian society
  • Plotline rich in underlying meaning, foreshadowing, and interrelated events