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Final call for Chrono Trigger beta readers - serious readers only!
Beta reading is closing soon to new readers.
In this final round, applications will be carefully reviewed.  If applying, please include some very thoughtful reasons why you would make a great beta reader.  This is a long novel, something like The Fellowship of the Ring, and commitment to consistent progress will be expected.  At this time I am especially interested in readers that meet criteria such as the following:

* Avid reader of other novels in the sci-fi/fantasy genre (please give examples);
* Expert or keen knowledge of Shakespearean or King James type archaic English;
* Expert or keen knowledge of Scottish dialect;
* Anyone who is a professional in literature, writing, editing, publishing, literary agency, etc.

Any of the above or other outstanding credentials should be noted, in detail, on the application.

Please also see the 5/13/21 news update and ensure you understand the epic-fantasy nature of this novel, with all the embellishments and creative license taken to achieve that.  If you expect a novelization without embellishments, this novel will not be what you're looking for.

If you are here for "Heroes of Time" beta reading...
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  • I understand the purpose of beta reading: that access to the novel is granted for free for the sole purpose of providing the author with complete, honest feedback in a timely manner.
  • I acknowledge that I will submit a completed Beta Reader Questionnaire to the author.
  • I will endeavor, to the best of my ability, to complete the reading and questionnaire within 60 days.
  • I will keep the author updated about my progress, especially if my reading takes longer than 60 days.
  • I agree to receive email communications from the author related to beta reading.
  • I acknowledge that this novel is written in English, that this application is submitted in English, and that all feedback will be provided in English.  Furthermore, English is my first language, or my abilities to read and write in English are at least equivalent to someone having English as his/her first language.
  • I understand and acknowledge that no compensation is being offered for participating as a beta reader; however, the author, in his sole discretion and without any guarantee, will do his best to provide a free signed copy of either the first Chrono Trigger novel or the first other novel he successfully publishes as a thank-you for my time.
  • I understand that the author may choose to accept or deny my application to be a beta reader for any reason. If rejected, your interest is still really appreciated and there are no hard feelings!

Clicking “Submit” below will send your application for approval by the author. Once approval is decided, you will receive an email confirming approval or rejection, along with any further instructions. Please watch your spam/junk email folder to ensure you don’t miss it. You may also login at any time to see acceptance status.